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Footcare, Chiropody and Podiatry

Podiatry Client Reviews

"I regularly see Karen for my toenails to be cut and a corn removed. She is friendly, professional and I feel I am walking on air after seeing her"

Colin, Bournemouth

"I have had a problem with my big toe nail for years, particularly with pressure from shoes. It often became infected and I regularly took antibiotics to try and clear it up. After having the problem part of the nail removed by Karen I no longer have any pain or have to take antibiotics and the nail looks competely normal".

Olga, Bournemouth

" I had suffered with heel pain for nine months before seeing Karen. She diagnosed plantar fasciitis and explained the causes and came up with a treatment plan which included mobilisation techniques with stretching and exercises that I did at home. It has gradually improved over the last six weeks and I no longer have the acute pain and feel confident I am finally on the mend".

Peter, Bournemouth

"Thank you for giving me my summer feet! They look and feel amazing".

Wendy, Bournemouth

"Having had a verruca for over 4 years and trying various methods (some conventional and some not!) I came to see Karen in desperation.

After discussing treatment options I decided to try the needling technique. Naturally I was nervous but Karen was fantastic and put me at ease and I can honestly say it was painless both during the procedure and afterwards. I am so pleased to finally be rid of the verruca and would recommend it to anyone".

Sharon, Bournemouth


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